A Different kind of Christmas...

Hello friends (who may be experiencing post-Christmas exhaustion)…

Usually the day after Christmas brings with it much napping and recovering from all of the frantic “to-dos” that had to get done over the previous few weeks.  Some have no time to recover, and are already back at work catching up on all the things.  So often Christmas can be overwhelming simply because of the amount of pressure we feel either from others or from ourselves to make things “just right.”  If you feel this pressure, you are not alone!  

This year was a little different for us, being our first year in Tennessee, and our first time without extended family nearby with which to celebrate.  Illness prevented us from attending the Christmas Eve service at our church,  and Christmas day was spent in pajamas at home.  But new friends gave us a book of advent readings this year that really helped us to quiet our minds and remember the true reason for the season.  I felt near to Jesus in a way that is often hard to realize in the busy-ness of a normal year.  I missed my friends from Illinois and my family that I didn't get to see, but I think that feeling of separation helped me to draw even closer to my Savior during this time.  And for that I am grateful!

I don't know what changes next year will bring in your life, but I pray that you also are able to recognize the presence of God in every situation you face.  Whether life seems exciting or difficult, there is One who came to bring true Peace in our hearts, and His name is Jesus!  Through him, you can know joy everlasting that will sustain you through even the most difficult seasons!  

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!


Rachel Durbin


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