Welcome, Spring! New Life in Tennessee...

Welcome, Spring! 

So things are starting to come back to life here in East Tennessee: The daffodils brought me great joy early in the season, and now all the trees are blooming in bright pinks, purples, and whites!  It's pretty spectacular, and I am constantly amazed by how much color and beauty there is everywhere I look.  Spring is a season of new life, and I feel my creativity stirred in similar fashion!

Right now I am finishing up my last week of the Writing Worship Mentorship, where I have been partnering online with songwriters all over the world to grow our skills in writing songs specifically for the Church.  I have been diving deep into the Psalms, and writing more than I ever have on a regular basis!  The positive feedback, and the ability to see the creativity in others has been so inspiring to me, and I can't wait to share the songs I have written, and will soon write as a result of this intense training!  

We are starting to feel more settled in our home now, and I am greatly looking forward to planting seeds in my new garden, and discovering what kind of fruit will be produced here!  Creatively, I have the same eager expectation, and can't wait to see how God will direct my steps in the songs I am to write/record next!  In the meantime, I will keep doing all I can to grow my faith, and deepen my roots in my church and local community here.  There is so much hope on the horizon! 

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