First Competition in the Books!

So our whole family trains Jiu Jitsu, and at 40 years of age I entered my first competition last weekend.  I had no idea what to expect, but it seemed like the next logical step in my Jiu Jitsu journey (I have trained for 5 years).  What is funny is that I actually ended up winning my first two matches (those are my kids cheering in the front row)!  I was not expecting that at all, but I suppose after 5 years of steady training, a few things have finally taken hold and my muscles knew what to do.  This gives me so much encouragement for my musical journey, which has been many more years in the making.  Back in college I learned the skills to become a musician and teacher, and after several years of practice (despite the reality check that was the first few years in the field), I learned a few things about teaching.  After I had my children, I ventured into the world of homeschooling and worship leading at our church, and in a similar vein, I gained some skills over the years (despite the humbling that took place my first few years).  After having five children, I ventured into Jiu Jitsu to build strength and repair the damage done to my body over those years.  During the first few years, IT WAS HARD!  But I kept at it, and 5 years later I am able to compete and win.  Now I am starting a new journey with entrepreneurship, songwriting, and recording.  I feel overwhelmed by all the things I don't know, but through my experiences thus far, I know that God will see me through and equip me in the ways necessary to eventually become fluent in this new skill set.  So grateful for His abundant blessings!  

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