About a month ago we were gifted some monarch caterpillars by a friend from church.  We have been homeschooling for many years now, yet surprisingly had never tried the whole butterfly-science-experiment thing.  Anyhow, it seemed like a wonderful opportunity, so we brought them home in a plastic box with a milkweed branch to feed them.  After a few weeks of watching them eat and grow, they made their way to the ceiling and hung upside down for a day.  The next morning we found that they had each shed their skin and transformed into a chrysalis!  One week later we were able to witness the miracle as they emerged from their shells as fully formed butterflies. 

The awe and wonder that all of us felt was really amazing as we realized just how crazy it is that God would design a creature to go through this exact process.  Their whole bodies basically liquify to become something completely new and beautiful with the ability to fly! 

As I reflected on this, I realized that the process is probably scary and/or painful for the caterpillar: they spend a week in darkness being re-made.  How often are we in different stages of transition where things feel dark and scary?  We can give in to fear, or trust that God has a plan, and that He can use all things for the good of those who love Him.  On the other side of darkness can be...  Beauty!  Strength!  Flight!  

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