A Season of Growth...

So it has been a while since my last update, and soooo much has happened!  Feeling a little overwhelmed by all of it, but gracious to God for carrying us through!  

My song Promise Keeper had a great release, and was streamed all around the world in over seven different countries.  It was played on several different radio stations, and the video (by Matt Crosson) got a lot of streams on YouTube.  I was even invited to talk about my musical journey for a video podcast in Michigan which will premiere later this year (photo above).  More important than the streams, though, were the stories that people shared with me about how the song has impacted their lives.  I am so grateful to all who shared their stories with me, and I look forward to more opportunities to connect through music! 

In upcoming news, I just met with my producer (Matt Macleod) last week to begin work on another single that will be released in June of this year.  This song was written over 10 years ago in the thick of parenting small children, and it is a joy-filled declaration about my identity in Christ that is greater than any other role I might give myself.  I pray it will help people through difficult seasons, and that the message will be clear to all who hear it.  

Recently it has been put upon my heart to possibly record a 4-5 song Worship EP in 2024, but am seeking direction for how to do that.  Prayers would be appreciated for discernment of the specific songs that need to go on it, and how to finance such an endeavor.  I will keep you posted as this idea begins to grow...

Currently there are some changes on the horizon for our family, so I would appreciate prayer as we navigate the road ahead.  God is still a Promise Keeper, even in seasons of change, and I know He will lead us on a solid path!   

Blessings to you all!

Rachel Durbin

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