Child of God... Coming June 30th...

Hello, friends!  

It is with great excitement that I get to announce today that my new single, “Child of God” will be released into the world on June 30th!  This song is so special to me, and was actually the first song I ever had the courage to post on YouTube!  The song has come a long way since that crazy video with all the kids and their antics, and I am so amazed at the production skills of Matt Macleod once again!  He took my very wide variety of inspirations (reggae-techno-pop), and was able to blend them together to capture just what I was hoping for.  I pray this fun, summer song will be a breath of fresh air for you as you head into the Fourth of July weekend.  

You can pre-save the song on Spotify and Apple music here:

Thanks so much for all your support, and be sure to check out “Child of God” on June 30th!  

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