A New Tennessee Home...

Hello from sunny Tennessee!  

So much has happened this past month!  My latest song, Child of God, was released on June 30th, and I am so amazed by what God has done with it!  The song was produced by Matt Macleod, and he did such a great job combining elements of reggae, pop, and techno into this unique testimony song from 10 years ago.  Matt Crosson made a beautiful lyric video that got a great response on my YouTube channel, and the song was even added to several independent radio and Spotify playlists!  

While that song was being released, my family was in the process of moving from the Chicago suburbs to the Knoxville area in Tennessee.  What a whirlwind!  The photo above is the view from our new backyard, and I am just so in awe of how God was able to bring us to this place where even the air smells sweet!  While moving has had its share of challenges, I am so grateful for all of the prayers along the way that helped bring us here and helped us know that God was really orchestrating each part of this move.  

We are now in the process of unpacking, getting to know the neighbors, knocking out a few home repairs, and trying to find our new church home and social network.  I have a new “studio” space that I plan to use for writing and recording, and I am having a lot of fun figuring out new ways to record audio/video there.  I pray for fresh inspiration, and the ability to continue the creative work that God has planted in my heart.  

Thank you for joining me in the journey!  

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